Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year our camera decided to stop working on Halloween.  Thanks to my mom, we got a few shots.  Unfortunately the kids were too excited to stand still for photos.

Here are some boys showing some brotherly love.

Here is Mommy and her little ballerina.

Ryan and I love dressing up as well.  My neighbor just happened to have a knight costume for Ryan, and this dress, from my Aunt Linda, is one that she wore about 50 years ago.  I got many compliments on it.

We finally got the Karate kid to strike a pose!!  We weren't as lucky with Andrew... you will just have to trust me that he was a ninja-- hey, maybe that is why we couldn't get a picture of him.  He is a good ninja!!

Mom and Dad were in charge of the candy while we took the kids out.  Malia has not yet mastered "Trick or Treat", but she has the sweetest "thank you" ever!!

Pawpaw is a sucker for his little grandbaby!!

It was a fun evening with the family.  We started the night with our youth group at Chick-fil-a, walked around the block and got way too much candy for three little kids, and we ended the night watching Monsters Inc while they devoured candy.

Happy Halloween!!!

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