Monday, August 3, 2015

Christmas in the month after July

So I have kinda sucked it up on blogging...but here are our Christmas pictures....

We started out our Christmas really early by going to the Texas Renaissance Festival and getting our picture taken with Santa.

Then we made gingerbread houses with Mimi.  Ryan and I also went over tot he Sheltering Harbour house to deliver Christmas presents and to make these same houses with all the boys.  It was a lot of fun to see high school boys getting so creative and being so precise with frosting.

Christmas Eve took us to my parents house, where we completed a 1500 piece Christmas puzzle.

The morning was filled with presents, and fun, and happy faces.  Looking back now, I think the kids favorite present was the razor scooters their Uncle Scott gave them.

Next we headed up to East Texas to visit with Ryan's side of the family.  We started off at Marla's house, where we did more puzzles, crafts, and the cousins all got to play.

Then we headed over to the Roberts Party, where Sam and Josh introduced the oven mitt game to everyone.  Ella won in the end, but it was a whole lot of fun trying to get that present unwrapped.

Kai's Birthday

For Kai's Birthday we headed down to Galveston with his two best friends, Harrison and Lukas.

We played all day at the beach: checking out mussels in the sand, boogie boarding, digging holes, building sandcastles, and playing in the waves.

The next day we headed down to The Strand to Kai's favorite place in Galveston, Boardgame Island.

We played games and sipped on sodas for hours.

Happy 10th Birthday Big Guy!!!