Friday, September 6, 2013

My Preschooler

Andrew had his first homework project.  He completed 95% of it by himself!! 

I was super proud of my little preschooler.

He comes home exhausted everyday telling me of all his adventures.  Playdoh, recess, bullies,  his school has it all-- I have already learned to believe only about half of what he says.

A few examples:

"They made us stay outside all day today, for like 24 hours"

"I really wanted Lucky Charms for Breakfast, but they told us we are not allowed to talk to the cafeteria ladies"

"A bully pushed me down and punched me in the face today." "Where were the teachers, did you tell someone?"  "No, they were in California."

While the kids are in school, I have started a few projects of my own.  Here is my first completed one.  I spray painted some old chairs, and then added a little duct tape for pizzazz.  

Sorry the picture is so dark....when I used the flash they looked bleached out.