Monday, January 25, 2010

She's Crafty

We are generally not very crafty people... but lately Ryan and I have been working together and coming up with some unique ideas for our house.

We, for some reason, have an over abundant supply of wine corks in our house... so we put them to use as psudo-candlesticks. We are also going to make picture frames out of them in the near future... but Walmart is all out of mini glue sticks, so we will have to wait on that project.

Then, I got snippy with a magazine and made this picture of Ryan and me.

And, finally, I recovered and bordered a bulletin board to cover up an unsightly hole in our kitchen. I made push pens out of old buttons Ryan's dad gave us (which he like to claim were his only toy growing up).

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Provider

Ryan usually does not work 12 hour days, but today he had to. When he got home tonight he saw that I was getting Andrew to sleep, so he went directly upstairs and did what he needed to do, which was get Kai to brush his teeth, read him a story, and get him to bed. He then came back downstairs, ready to watch some tv, eat dinner, and relax, and the first words out of my mouth were, "we need milk". So, he dutifully got his keys and went to the store(which was in hte middle of restocking-- and he had to wait for someone to go get him whole milk from the back-- of course the trip could not be easy). It is now 9:50 and my wonderful husband is finally home for the night. There is really no reason for this blog except to brag on Ryan... so let me just way that my husband is awesome!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little Update

So it has been a month.... Where to start.

Christmas was wonderful we got to see all of Ryan's family and most of mine. Christmas was marked by the usually Christmas pajamas, Christmas story by Paw-paw and Christmas picture on the stairs. The kids got a swing set for the backyard, Star Wars legos and a Police car cozy coupe. My top gifts were my salad spinner, my Pioneer Women Cookbook, and some super soft sock slippers (how boring am I). Ryan got the Glo bible, the game Blockus (a big hit with the entire family) and a cowbell. ( Pictures to come soon)

New Years was very low key. We spent the evening at home playing games and popping firecrackers. This year was great because Kai somehow lost his fear of fireworks, so much so that he even held a roman candle in his hand (and that was even after Ryan shot himself in the foot with one!!)

Our biggest news of the New Year is that Ryan is quitting teaching to become the full time Youth Minister at our church. He has been filling the position part time for about two months and we have all been running around like chickens with our heads cut off!! ( I don't think there is really ever a part time youth minister-- he has worked full time at all three of his jobs- teacher, youth minister, and father/ husband) He officially starts on January 15 and the entire family will take a collective sigh of relief. I am so proud of him for pursuing this profession and I hope that it somehow helps to bring all of my family closer to the church, and most importantly, God.