Sunday, May 30, 2010

Month of Kai

Kai has had many accomplishment this month. He learned to ride a two wheeled bike, he graduated from Preschool, and he turned 5.

The preschool graduation was adorable. They sang God bless America, K is for Kindergarten, and then sang The Itsy, bitsy Spider and Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in both English and Spanish. The class also made a book about what they thought Peace was. It was hilarious. Some of the kids were very practical. To them, peace meant not hitting, no killing, no breaking toys... Others were a little more far fetched, peace is not kicking whales, or not killing goats, or not scaring guinea pigs. Kai said that peace was like driving a Lamborghini. I don't really know what that means.

Here is Kai getting his diploma.

Here is Kai hanging out with his friends after the presentation. They look so happy, you would think they were graduating from high school.

Kai's birthday was a lot of fun this year. My mom and dad were going out of town for his party, so they took him out of school on his actual birthday to have day just to themselves. They went out to lunch and they took him to Toys R Us and then went swimming. He had a great time. Ryan took him to see Shrek that evening and we ended the night going to his favorite restaurant, Taco Cabana.

This past weekend we had his birthday party. It was at Chuck E Cheese, and it was so much fun. We had 18 little kids running wild in that place.

I asked Kai what his favorite parts were of the party and he told me: the virtual reality roller coaster ride (pictured above) and getting tickets in the ticket machine (pictured below)

This has been a big month for Kai. He is growing up so fast, but is still the sweetest, most loving child a mother could ask for. I love you Kai! Don't grow up to fast.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little update

Life has been moving too fast lately... I looked today and realized I had no posted a blog in 3 weeks and have not thought twice about it... well we are in need of an update!

First and foremost, I am pregnant!! We are expecting our newest addition mid December, and could not be more excited!! I am trying to enjoy it because, God willing, this WILL be the last time I am pregnant. Three is enough. Everybody we know is rooting for a girl, but I honestly don't care. A girl would be fun and different, but another boy would be easy and comfortable. What am I saying--- no baby is easy.

At work I am drowning in TAKS preparations for all the 8th graders who did not pass the first go round of testing. I swear, we put so much effaces on these stupid tests that the students and teachers are both miserable. I can't wait until next Tuesday when it is all over and done with.

Ryan has been going strong with the youth group. He just finished up a successful 30 hour famine, we are both in the middle of a pretty intense Sr High bible study, and he is getting set for all of his summer mission trips!

Kai attended Kindergarten round-up last week. He was mainly impressed with how big the playground was--- but what else is to be expected of a 4 year old. We will be celebrating his birthday later on this month and he is patiently counting down the day until he turns 5.

Andrew just got promoted to the toddler room at Montessori, and he seems to be learning a new word everyday. Right now his favorites are: mine, choo-choo, car and NO!! He also loves to point out and all of your facial features...and his favorite time to do this is when you are rocking him to sleep at night. You think he is just about to drift off and he will suddenly reach up with his little sweet hand and say nose, eye, mouth, all the while pointed them out to you in a not so gentle way.

Well, that about wraps up our last three weeks. I will try not to be such a procrastinator in the future.