Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Moving Again!!

So, we are moving back to Houston.

We moved up to Longview, TX in August for Ryan to take a job at a church.  The job did not quite fit the job description and Ryan quickly became frustrated (especially since he left his previous job for similar frustrations).  So, back to Houston we come.

This move has not all been in vain however....

  •  We have both learned to be more confident in our faith. 
  •  I have developed skills in mentoring people.  
  •  I have mastered cooking in a crock pot.
  • Ryan has learned that he needs a job outside of the church
  • Ryan has developed his skills in personal training
  • Malia has been potty trained
  • Andrew has developed a love for school
  • Kai got a new bible from our church and Ryan and him have been reading it nightly
  • We all learned the art of neighboring and living in community
  • We have all learned that we need to be more intentional about spending time with extended family
We hope to carry all of this back to Houston with us.  

We have loved our time in Longview, and we have loved living here missionally.  We cherish the friendships we have made and hope to keep those connections.

But Houston is calling us... we miss our family and friends, we miss our missional community and our Oikos group, we miss HEB, we miss Awanas on Wednesday night, and we miss Freebirds and Taco Cabana.....along with many other things.

See you all soon.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Princess Malia

My little girl turned three today.

We had a princess party.  
I think I had too much fun decorating for such a girlie event.  There was purple and pink everywhere!!

6 little princesses attended the party.  
It was so cute seeing them dressed up and playing all together.

We played with princesses

We turned frogs into Princes.


 We played with more princesses.

We gave out lots of true love's kisses (only to our daddies, of course.)

Then, we ate a lunch fit for a princess, followed, of course, by cupcakes.

After lunch, we opened presents.

And then we played a little more.

It was simple and fun... Just like Malia.  

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!