Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kai's Birthday

Kai's 8th birthday was this weekend.  We hosted the party at our new neighborhood park.  The kids played, and the adults got to sit around and talk with each other. There was good food and good fellowship.  It was a blast.

The kids (and our neighbor Amy) played an intense game of kickball.

The presents were super exciting this year.  Kai got a Wii-- something he has been wanting for the past 4 years, but we kept telling him no, so he was ecstatic when he found out he finally got one.

Since we went big on the present, we skipped on a fancy store bought cake and I made cupcakes instead.  I love this shot of Malia sporting a chocolate soul patch.  She is one hip chick!

I love parties that are easy.  I don't think the kids stopped moving for three hours straight.  They played hard and everyone had fun.  

Happy Birthday Kai!!

Bikini Girl

Summer may not officially be here, but in Houston, it feels like summer, and our family welcomed the new season with some fun in the sprinklers.

We were a little unsure about putting Malia in a bikini, but look at her.....precious!

Look at how much fun she is having.

Such an intense little girl.

Look at the sheer joy on that face.

Oh yeah....the boys were there too.

Andrew enjoyed the weather.

Kai was already dreaming of fall.

Malia's Big Girl Room

Malia is two and a half.  She loves Dora the Explorer, princesses and baby dolls.  She is rough and tough and can hang with her big brothers, but also loves to sit patiently while I paint her toenails.

One of our good friends gave us a bed for Malia.  Malia did not want it. She loved her baby bed (even though she never slept in it).  So in an attempt to win her over to the new bed, I decided to make it truly hers, using some new found loves of mine-- duct tape and spray paint!

I love the way it turned out!! It is bright and bold and fun.  Malia thinks it is pretty cool too, which I guess it what really matters.  Hopefully, Malia will take to her new bed, and mine will be child free for the first time in 8 years!!

Here is a close up of the bed.  Who knew duct tape could be so cool!