Monday, December 7, 2009

Dinner, anyone??

This is how our dinner went tonight.

With a side of this.

It was fun.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the season for Santa

How cute is my little man!!

We made his list before our visit, so he was a man on a mission. He only had 6 items on his list which I thought was pretty good!!

Andrew was not quite as excited about seeing Santa.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My New Hobby

I am making a new hobby out of running. I have done 4 5k races so far this year and am planning one more before the year is over.

Here are my stats (be it not very impressive to real runners)

July 4th Run Wild -- I walked
Oct 3rd- Susan G Komen Race for a Cure- 34 minutes
Oct. 31st- The Great Pumpkin Race- 28 minutes
Nov. 19th- NHCC Turkey Trot- 28 minute

Ryan did the last two race with me, coming in at 24 minutes and 21 minutes ( a little more impressive)

We have one more race this year, the Jingle Bell race in December, and Ryan and I are both trying to shave a minute off our time.

I will keep you posted.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

12 months of Andrew

My baby is one... Man this year has gone by fast.

Andrew is the sweetest, happiest baby I have ever met(besides Kai, of course). He is full of giggles, and smiles, and babble talk and is just so adorable.

Here are some one year stats:

He is 23lbs.
He has 8 teeth.
He can walk!!!
He eats anything and everything.
He loves his whole milk... and is adjusting well to a sippy cup.
He almost sleeps through the night ( he usually just wakes up once to get moved from the crib to mom's bed, where he snuggles in close and immediately falls back to sleep)

I am so happy I took all of these pictures. It is amazing how much he has changed over the course of a year, and it is funny to look back at him in all the different stages of infancy. My baby is growing up way too fast.

Happy Birthday Andrew, We love you!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Here are the much anticipated Halloween costumes....

Kai had a blast but his costume lasted all of about three houses before he got too tired and wanted to take it off...

This was my first attempt at a homemade costume, but I have to admit, I was quite happy witht the results.

We went to a party at my sister's house and had a lot of fun eating, and trick or treating, and just hanging out. We were all pooped the next day.

Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Silly Faces time

Piggybacking on my previous post.... One of Kai and Ryan's favorite times is "silly face camera time". Here is there last photo session:

There are two of a kind... and I love every goofy thing about them.

Bath time

My boys love bath time... they can spend 30 minutes to an hour in the tub if I let them. Sometimes, I don't mind; sometimes I get bored. Tonight was one of those nights. So I entertained myself by seeing how many letters I could stick on them at one time!! Kai was all about it. Andrew was too, but he was too impatient to wait on the camera.

It's all the silly little things we do that makes me love being a parent.

Simple fun... that is what it is all about. Here are few more examples of how we spend our time.

Movie time

Sock em Bop ems time

Playing in puddles time

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting back to normal

Blogging has not been very high on my list of priorities lately. School is now in full swing and we are finally getting into a schedule that flows. It has been a rough start to the year, however. A stomach bug knocked out our entire family the very first week of school. Then about two weeks later, Ryan got the flu, and was out of it for about another week. Now Andrew and I both have sinus infections....

In other news, school is going good for both Ryan and me. I love working at the same school as him and I am enjoying getting to know all of my colleagues. The students are very sweet, and I think it is going to be a great year. Ryan is in the middle of cross country season and I am about to get trained to be a member of the peer mediation team. So, we are both very involved on campus, and the hours are longer then I had last year, but I think it will all be worth it.

Kai is back in Awana's at Second Baptist and he is loving it, especially because it gives him an opportunity to see his grandparents and his cousins every week. He is also about to start karate at his school, so look out Pawpaw.. Kai will be learning some new moves!!

Andrew is now 10 moths old!!! He is standing up without support and loves trying to walk with the aide of his push toys. I don't think it will be very long now until he is running around the house with Kai. He is sleeping in his own crib, which is a huge milestone in this Roberts' family and he is eating everything in sight. Needless to say, he is doing great!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Happy Couple

This weekend Ryan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Mom was gracious enough to watch the kiddos while we went out. We went to The Melting Pot for dinner and then went bowling. We were very grateful that we got a little time together to celebrate our marriage.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last day of summer

Today is the last day of summer, and while we are a little sad to see it go, I think we are all ready to get back into the routine and schedule of school. We celebrated with swimming, an all time summer favorite!! Mom cooked up an awesome meal (and gave us the leftovers for our lunches tomorrow--- you got to love moms!) and we had brownies and cookies for dessert!! Here are a few highlights of the evening.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Part 2, finally

Well, I tried to to let Ryan finish his blog.... but he has seemed to forget about it, so I will pick up on the tale of our mini vacation get away.

We visited Glen Rose, Texas to attend a family reunion for my mom's side of the family. Glen Rose is known for it's dinosaurs... so naturally, we had to visit Dinosaur World while in town.

After our trip to the Jurassic era, we headed over to Dallas to visit some old friends. We took the kids to the Dallas zoo, and while they might not have as many animals as some other zoos... the exhibits were great and we were able to get up close and personal with a lot of the animals.

These are my favorite pictures. This Mandrill just came up and started interacting with Kai and Andrew. Here Kai is pretending to scratch his nose like the mandrill. Then, when he saw Andrew, the mandrill put his hand up on the window and they had a moment. It was super cool!!

Here are few more pics at the zoo.

If you have kids I would definitely recommend buying a membership to the Houston zoo. It was $85, but you get unlimited visits to the zoo, plus you get into more than 100 other zoo free, including the Dallas zoo, the San Antonio zoo, and the Aquarium in Corpus Cristi. It is a great deal!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinosaurs and Zoo… (part 1)

Well we decided to head up to Glen Rose for Lindsay’s family reunion. We were sad that Gundy (Lindsay’s Grandma) didn’t come, but we did have a great time with the rest of the family. Kai played with Holden (2nd cousin) quite a bit. It is always nice to have another child around to run around with Kai.

This trip was also Kai’s (and Andrew’s) first trip in a hotel.DSCN3862 DSCN3863

Friday night we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park to see the actual dinosaur tracks. It was awesome. I’m sure we are walking where dinosaurs walked all the time, but seeing their tracks is a very cool experience. All the prints we saw were prints of a theropod, which is basically a three toe carnivore.

DSCN3796DSCN3816 DSCN3821 DSCN3801DSCN3808

I also tried to teach Kai and Holden how to skip rocks, but it didn’t go as

smooth as you would think…


The next day we got up and had breakfast then decided to check out an awesome city park that had huge rocks that were once on the bottom of a riverbed.

DSCN3874 DSCN3875

DSCN3890 DSCN3902DSCN3905 DSCN3896

Don’t worry Andrew… We’ll have to finish this story in another post…