Sunday, October 20, 2013

1st World Missionaries- update

We have now lived in Longview, TX for three months.  We have been praying, seeking, and watching for opportunities for God to open our eyes to what we are suppose to do here.

In that time, I have started a bible study with two other mothers.  We are studying the TK Primer, which sets out to teach people how to live in community with one another.  It is unfortunate that this has to be taught, but I am starting to see the positive effects of our lessons.  My neighbor and I recently hosted a block party, which six families on our street attended.

We had a great evening, sharing stories, making s'mores around the fire, and trading recipes on food items brought.

Many of the people knew each other faces or maybe even the neighbor name, but knew little else about the person.  After this evening we are all a little bit closer to one another and that is what God wants from his children.  We need to be involved with the people living around us.  We need to build relationships with them, so that we can serve them and teach them how to serve others.

Take your kids to play in the front yard today, prayer walk your neighborhood, or have a family over to your house for dinner.  Build up the saints living around you with your prayers, presence, gifts, and services.  In short, be the church everyday to all you come in contact with.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thank God for beautiful weather

This was my point of view at 2:00pm today while I laid out on the pallet below and read a book while Malia napped....

And this was my view this afternoon.

I am loving this early fall weather!