Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Plans

Usually, every summer, I make a list of 100 things I plan to do with the kids.  We  get about half way though it and then realize that we have have run out of money or time or ambition.

So this year I decided to simply list all the awesome stuff out as we do it in hope that it gets to here goes

1. Splashtown-- we have season passes this year so we go about once a week.

2. Miller Outdoor Theater-- this is on our list every year and we never it figures that the one year I do not make a list, it is one of the first things we do.  We was The Nephew's Magician performed and had a picnic in the park.

3. Make homemade playdoh-  this is always fun and we used it for a bible study we were doing with kids.  We were using it to discuss Lot and his wife (and technically we made salt dough to go along with the story line-- but I am still counting it)

4. Build a fort- The boys had a friend over the other day, and of course, right when they were ready to play outside a huge thunder storm rolled in, so we made a huge fort that took over the entire living room and watched movies instead.

5. Shoot BB guns-  my boys have never shot guns before, so they were more than thrilled when at my niece's birthday party the BB guns were brought out to play with.  We sat in the back yard for about two hours shooting at shoes and water bottles.  And of course they both want one now!!

6. Cook with the kids- my kids love to cook, so we have been trying out all kinds on new things (mostly desserts).  Our favorite so far is a gluten free double chocolate chip muffin (we like to pretend they are good for us.)

7. Road trips- we went on our first road trip to see Ryan's family.  His uncle Mark passed away, so while we awere going for a somber occasion, we got got to see a lot of family, which is always good.  We stayed one night at Wes and Deann's house-- where the kids got to ride around and drive golfcarts ( I think that should count as number 8).  After the funeral we got to celebrate the arrival of new life by visiting Sam, Maddie Karen and Greg.  Sam is due in August so they had a big baby shower.  The kids swam all evening and by the time we got to Doug and Cassie's house, everyone was exhausted.  We got up the next morning and drove to Wills Point to have a Father's Day breakfast with Rick, before heading back to Houston.

8. Ride around in  Golf carts-- see above

9. Swim, Swim, Swim- I am weird and I like to count all the different pools we swim in in a given time period-- so far this summer we have swam over at my parent house, over at Terri and Aaron's house, at Destiny's house, and at Greg and Karen's we are up to four so far

10. Go to the Drive in--- this is another item on my list that usually never get done, but we went to see Maleficent at the Tomball Drive in and it was a really good time.  The weather was great, the kids had fun, and the movie was really good.

So that is it for now....Hopefully I will be updating again soon and maybe next time I will remember to take a camera with me on our adventures!