Saturday, September 13, 2014

First days

A new school year is upon up.  Kai is starting 4th grade and Andrew is in Kindergarten.

Andrew got Kai's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Romero.  He loved the first day, but thought he would just stay home the second day and sleep.  By day three he was still tired but ready to go!

Andrew's Favorites:
Food: enchilada and ice cream
TV show: Captain America
Activity: legos
What he wants to be when grows up: cop

Kai has Ms. Brown and Ms. Snyder this year.  He is with the same group of kids he has been in class with for about three years now, so he was happy to see all the familiar faces.  He is excited about getting to get into the science lab this year.

Kai's Favorites:
Food: Pizza, cheese quesadillas,  ice cream
TV show: Crash and Bernstein
Activity: video games
What he wants to be when grows up: computer maker

And Malia was not going to get left out.  

She started dance this week.  One hour of ballet and tap.  She loved every minute of it.

Malia's favorites are:
Food: peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate
TV show's: My Little Pony and Barbie
Activity: swimming
What she wants to be when she grow up: Elsa from Frozen