Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kai is my Superhero

I hope that Kai always has a little superhero inside of him... because this afternoon he conquered the world!!

MiMi and Paw Paw's pool o fun!

All the crazies were swimming a MiMi and PawPaw's today. Here is a quick video of them playing starwars. Coleman has some serious Jedi moves!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer lovin...

I have been severely neglecting my blogging, but only because our summer has been so busy and fun and I have not had time to sit down in front of a computer for very long. Every summer I make a list of summer activities we need/want to do. This year, Ryan challenged me to make a list of 100 fun family activities to do, and I did... so we have been keeping tackling the list. We have been on a road trip through East Texas visiting friends and family, took a trip to the zoo, went to two awesome birthday parties (one at a water park and one at a jump center), went to the library, and have spent endless hours at the pool. This past week has been all about home improvement. Ryan and I redecorated Kai and Andrew's playroom and Ryan planted a huge magnolia tree and two crepe mertyls in the backyard. Here are a few pictures...

The first two are at the zoo, the last one is just for fun.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scott's in Europe!!

My brother, Scott,  is backpacking all over Europe.  He is an insanely lucky guy who just seems to happen upon great experiences.  They are currently staying in a beautiful home that over looks the sea and belongs to a family that they met along the way... I mean really, nothing like that ever happened to me when I was in Europe, I had to stay is crappy hostiles and sleep on the train... but I am not jealous, I am happy he is having a  great time.  He has a website where he is blogging random things about his adventure...

Go check it out and hear a cool song performed by him and his Ukulele.

While he is living it up over seas, we are dog sitting for my sister and her family while they are vacationing in Florida...

Look at this sweet little baby!!  She loves Andrew's pacifiers so we finally caved and gave her one of her own.