Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First World Missionaries

Moving to a new place is scary...especially when you are leaving behind good family, good friends, and a good home.

We moved to Longview, TX as first world missionaries.  In this move we left what was comfortable for the unknown.  We purposely reduced our income and simplified our life.  We are here to be an example of a disciple of Christ to the community around us.

So how did we start.....

First we did a lot of praying and reading and listening.

Then we hit the ground running.  We reached out to our neighbors by baking them all cookies, then inviting them over for dinner and play dates.  We joined a gym and have worked hard to connect with people there.  We talked to the people in the church and have tried to start teaching them the language of discipleship.

We have only been at it three weeks and we are starting to see a softening of the heart in a few.  We have met some "people of peace" and we are engaging with them.  I am starting a small group at our home to go through the TK Primer (a book that really helped us along the way), while Ryan goes through it with the church staff.

These are baby steps, we know, but hopefully they will lead to leaps of faith for us and the community around us.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School, 2013

Zachary Kai Roberts, age 8

Favorite TV show: Slug Terra
Favorite Toy: Legos
Favorite Food: pizza
Favorite color: black
Favorite animal: white tiger
Favorite outside activity: playing with Theo
Favorite person: Lukas
What he wants to be when he grow up: Scientist

Kai was ready to start school, but he was not ready to go to bed last night.  I caught him at 11:00pm with his colored pencils and paper out drawing pictures of mythological creatures he saw in the new Percy Jackson movie.

Andrew Scott Roberts, age 4

Favorite TV show: Slug Terra
Favorite Toy: Legos
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: zebras, and my cat, Crash
Favorite outside activity: jumping on the trampoline
Favorite person: my brother, Kai
What he wants to be when he grow up: veterinarian

Here is Andrew walking into school for his first day of Pre-K, totally fearless and probably talking this lady's ear off.

Malia Nicole Roberts, Age 2

Favorite TV show: Dora and Diego
Favorite Toy: baby dolls
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter
Favorite color: Pink and purple
Favorite Animal: Leopards, zebras, cheetah, and leapards, and seals
Favorite outside activity: blowing bubbles
Favorite person: Daddy
What she wants to be when she grows up: an explorer

And here they all are on the first day of school being silly in front yard.

This is the only semi serious picture I got of them.

I love watching these kids grow.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


So, we have moved....

We are now living in Longview, TX, a town of 90,000.  The number one question I get asked now that we live here (and I get asked it almost everyday) is "how are you adjusting to the slower pace of life in a small town?"  My Answer:  "Life is only slow if you make it slow."

I am the mother of three amazing kids.

I have a husband that goes a mile a minute.

I own three cats, and one really annoying dog.

We are trying to start up new ministries in our new church.

We are trying to meet people and learn everyone's name.

And I have joined a gym....

I am not a slow pace of life kind of girl and I am not going to let living in a "small town" make feel like I need to be.

So look out Longview.... The Roberts are in town!!