Friday, October 5, 2012


Ever since I have started staying home with the kids, Andrew loves to tell everyone he meets that he is home schooled.  
We do  try to do a little learning every day.

Some of my students are more focused than others....

Malia is more into imaginative learning.

Andrew gives in to her and lets her have her way more than he would like to admit.   Here is he on a picnic.  He tried to manly it up by calling it "camping."

Kai gets in on the edible lessons.  Here he is eating a delicious dessert we made together.

Thank you Pinterest.

Ryan even gets involved with "home schooling-- if science or religion is the focus.  Here they are safely watching a massive ant bed that the kids discovered.  Ryan had just poured poison over the bed so they are watching the ants scatter.

I have always been interested in homeschooling my kids-- but never thought I had the patience to do it.  We will see how the rest of the year goes....Right now Andrew has been sent to his room and Malia is currently drawing all over herself with markers-- I could consider that arts and crafts time, right?

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