Tuesday, October 21, 2014


As the weather starts to cool down... I wanted to take one last look at this summer.
(or maybe I just forgot to post this trip to the beach and just found all these great pictures)

Either way.....Galveston pictures overload!!

The kids did a lot of digging, swimming and playing football in the sand.

(not really sure if the one above is football of ballet)

Poor Giblet (Emma's Dog) got harmlessly tortured this trip by his loving owner....

Storybook Pumpkins

This year I am keeping two of the kids school friends after school.  Harrison and Reese.  The kids have a lots of fun playing together everyday. 

So, when storybook pumpkin time came around, I asked their mom if they could make pumpkins along with my kids.  Here are the finished products:

Reese made Clifford the Big Red Dog

Andrew made Skippy Jon Jones

Kai made Harry Potter

And Harrison made Captain Underpants.

The kids had a lot of fun making them and showing them off to all their classmates at school.  (especially Harrison because he got to tell everyone that those were Kai's Underpants!!)