Monday, October 29, 2012


First off-- thanks to everyone who contributed to Malia's winter wardrobe.  Isn't she adorable!!

This week, the weather has changed and we have been outside enjoying it.

My mom and dad took us to a place called Spring Creek Greenway.  It is right after Old Town Spring and I have driven passed it  hundreds of times and never knew it existed.

It has a really cool nature center with snakes and butterflies and animal pelts for the kids to touch.  It also has countless trails to explore.  We walked about a mile and half before Andrew's little legs gave out on him.

We will be heading back soon if anyone wants to join us!

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Emily said...

Oh that looks awesome! I've never heard of it, and must've driven past it a hundred times too! Okay next time we are on that side of town, we will have to go and hopefully see y'all there! :)