Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We had our first really challenge tonight with lent. This year we gave up bread, do-nuts, pancakes, pizza, and chips. It is a random list, I know, but they are all foods we eat on a regular basis. Anyways, tonight, to celebrate my mom's birthday, we went to a mexican restaurant.... and we could not eat the chips and salsa. I don't know about you, but I sometimes rate my mexican restaurants based on the chips and salsa alone. It was really hard to resist the salty goodness of chips, in fact, it made Ryan down right cranky (well, that, and our kids were a little out of control-- I don't know which was a bigger factor in his bad mood)

However, we persevered-- just like Jesus. I know, I know... I am 100% positive that Jesus had much more difficult struggles during his forty days of isolation-- and I can not in my right mind, compare myself to the awesomness that is Jesus... but really, isn't that why we celebrate lent. Lent reminds us of how Jesus struggled here on Earth and triumphed over the temptations that we all too often give in to. It gives us a chance to reflect on him when we are tempted. And it allows us to praise him to others who often question our "irrational behavior"--- like going to a mexican restaurant and not eating chips... or passing up chocolate when it is offered to you.

I always enjoy the season of lent. It is challenging, it is spirit awaking, and it usually allows me to drop a few pounds!