Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stay at home mom logge- entry 1

This blog post is more for future me than it is for anyone else.....I just want to remember these days...

Day 1-
got Kai to school on time, went to Walmart on a Monday morning (when it is actually kinda peaceful) and let the kids look at toys for 30 minutes. Came home and put training wheels on Andrew's bike and went on a ride around the block.  Ate lunch and made dessert for game night tonight.  Kids watched movie while I did laundry and dishes.  Played in sandbox, blew bubbles, and drew with sidewalk chalk.  Mom came over so I could go to conference with Kai's teacher.  Came home and made homemade pizza for kids.  Went to game night with at family friends house.  Came home bathed and put kids to bed and hung out with hubby.  Good day!!

Day 2- got Kai to school on time again.  Took the little ones to story time at the library, then over to Mom and dad's house for lunch (where Andrew proceeded to fall into the pool-- but that was more funny than tragic) Next, we came home a baked a bunch of treats for dessert and movie night at my house this evening.  Syd, Rose Ellen, Macy, Cathy, Heather, Jami, and Jennifer came over and we ate a bunch of junk and watched The Emperors New Groove while Rose, Syd and I duct taped a bar stool (that I grabbed out of my neighbors trash the other night).  Another Good day!!

Day 3- Lazy Day....  After getting Kai to school, Andrew, Malia, and I laid on the couch for about two hours watching TV.  Then to get us moving we played Just Dance on the Wii.  Then we sorted socks and played My little Ponies, and rode out bikes to the neighborhood park.  Then we watched more TV until Kai got home and we all had to go over to Mimi and Pawpaw's house for dinner, before going to Awanas.

Day 4- Got Kai to school then came home and did a workout video.  Then the kids and I went to a bible study at a friend's house.    After lunch we ran to the store and then rode bikes until Kai got home with a school friend. Then the parents of said friend came over for dinner and we had a lovely evening sharing stories of faith and life.

I think I am going to love being a stay at home mom!!!