Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break- Act 1

Ryan and I have different Spring Breaks this year.  He is just ending his, while I am starting mine.  I thought I would blog on both.

I think this could have been the first time in the history of time that someone said they were ready to go back to work after Spring Break.  Ryan's started out good, but then took a turn for the worse. 

 Ryan started out his Spring Break by going gambling with my dad.  They took a bus to Louisiana and stayed for the day.  It only cost 13 dollars for the ride and they got a free lunch which they both said was delicious.  The tables were really high and they both walked away with a little less money than they started with,  but at least they had a good time.  

Tuesday, Ryan went to the science museum with our church youth group to see an exhibit on the birth of Christianity.  Ryan enjoyed the exhibit, but I really think his favorite part about this trip was playing touch football with the boys at their lunch in the park.  Ryan showed those high school kids that even at 28 he still has some moves.  

Wednesday was Ryan's birthday, the big 28.  It was also the day that Andrew decided he would start teething. Andrew was up and down all night Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.   He was fussy and drooly and fevery.  Ryan had been home with him most of the day on Wednesday and right as we were getting ready to go out to eat for his birthday, Andrew started tuning up again.  So, me, being the wonderful wife I am, told Ryan to go on with out me and have dinner with his friends.  He had been home with a sick baby all afternoon... I thought he needed to have a little fun on his birthday.  Kai and I made a cake and a card for him while he was gone, so we celebrated his birthday when he got home.  

The next two days were a blur of being up all night with  a mad baby, sleeping it off until noon, and then being stuck indoors because of the rain.  Not very eventful.  Hopefully Andrew has it out of his system now and will give me a happier Spring Break, I will keep you posted.  

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Roberts said...

Good luck!! Fortunately the weather should clear up soon so you can do outside things with your boys.