Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cats and Dogs

At a recent teacher inservice, I learned about a theory floating around out there that put people into two categories: a cat or a dog.  Supposedly all humanity can be summed in these two terms.  

Cats- do not need to be around people to be happy.  They form their own opinions and are not easily swayed by the group.  Cats are not followers.  They enjoy their alone time, but also enjoy time with close friends. Cats like to work alone.  Cats do not do well in large social situations, and scare easily.  They can often come off as snobby, sometimes they are, sometimes they are too shy to talk.  They are often thought of as cultured, artistic, and sophisticated.

Dogs- thrive off other people.  They love being the center of attention and aim to please others. They can be easily persuaded and don't like confrontation.  They have a large network of friends and love playing team sports and working in groups.  Dogs are hard workers and over achievers. They are often thought of as athletic, humorous, and well rounded.

I am a cat, Ryan is a dog.  Which is why we work so well together.  What are you???



Love the cat picture!

Roberts said...

I don't know... I am an E on the Meyers Briggs, does that make me a dog? :) (That's a funny question)