Friday, February 15, 2008

Only the Strong Survive

Well, Ryan survived his first week. He came home exhausted and in a foul mood everyday. Welcome to teaching!!!! I think he is really going to like it. He talks about his classes non-stop and he has taken almost all the advic e I have given him. My favorite, of course, being his toliet seat bathroom pass, which I personally painted for him.

Our Valentines Day was really fun. We had another couple over and we cooked a nice dinner which we ate by candle light. Of course Kai and their 1 year old were there too, stuffing their faces with red velvet cupcakes. Kai got a bunch of Valentines at his school party and we gave him Thomas trains. Ryan and I got matching school lunch kits (how gay are we).

We are now looking forward to a restful weekend. The weather is going to be awful, and we are both tired, so we plan on watching a lot of movies and doing a lot of laying around.

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