Thursday, February 7, 2008

Banana Pancakes

Ryan officially starts his job Monday. He went in today and was bombarded with information and gossip. He is pretty nervous about starting, but he knows the key to this year is survival!!!

In other news, we went up the Church on Shrove Tuesday and gorged ourselves on Pancakes, bacon and sausage links. It was delicous. Kai ran around the CLC for an hour and half straight, instantanously burning off every calorie he just took in. We started Lent on Wednesday. We gave up our usual chocolate and soda.

Today was highlighted by Kai turning finger paint into body paint and covering his entire face, neck and arms in paint at school. I don't know where his teachers were at this time. I guess it is a Montessorri, they probably thought Kai was expressing himself.

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The Barrera's said...

Yeah for Ryan! And Lindsay, you crack me up!