Monday, February 4, 2008

Great Weekend... Except for the Giants ruining history...

Well, we all had a real good weekend.

Friday the crew volunteered up at the church for about 2 hours spending some time with 2 homeless families. Very humbling.
Later, I went and watched Brad, Joe, & Michael jam (Hendrix, SR Vaughn, ZZ, Zeppelin, etc) at Mulligan's & More. It rocked.

Saturday we met the Crooks for some of the best hamburgers I ever had. I had the 5 alarm burger which had japs, salsa, chipotle mayo, etc. It rocked.
That night Lindsay and I went & watched Bye Bye Birdie at Klein High. It rocked as well.

Sunday. I played guitar in the service and also had 6 lines in a drama sketch. That rocked too.
Then we when to Jon and Kelly's and eat WAY TOO MUCH, but delicious, food. Lindsay made jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. She made 40 and they were gone before they cooled down. Rocked.

SuperBowl. Great game. Good Defense. Stupid Giants. I have to listen to 72 Dolphins yet again. That doesn't rock.


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