Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day one-- New Orleans

 Day one of our trip started in New Orleans-- But first we had to drive there.  We had many pit stops along the way but here are a few pictures from the first couple of days that were my favorites.

Once we got to New Orleans--My kids got busy exploring.  They were each given $50 for the entire trip and were told to spend it wisely because once it was gone, it was gone.  The French market was very tempting to them.  Kai bought a harmonica and a metal sign on the United States.  Andrew bought a magnet for the refrigerator, and Malia bought a marti gras mask and a sparkly purse.

The kids loved wandering around this old town and seeing all the sights and sounds.  

After the market we went down to St Louis Catherdral just in time to see a wedding parade march around the square.  People were dancing and music was playing as the wedding party  paraded around--it was such an awesome tradition to get to witness.

(Kai playing his harmonica while walking down the street)

(Malia and Mommy dancing to one of the bands performing at a street cafe)

We ended our evening at Cafe Du Monde.  The kids were more impressed with the hot chocolate than the beignet, but it was still worth the experience.

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