Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 3 & 4- Crystal River/ Homosassa

We left Panama City around noon and drove all day to Crystal River.  To make up for the night before, we found a very nice hotel room right on the river to spend the night.

It had beautiful grounds to walk along the river with gazebos and flowers.

It also had a heated pool that we all swam in until it got dark.

We then had a low key evening back in the room watching basketball and playing cards with the kids.

The next day, we got up early and headed over to Homsassa Wildlife State Park.  It is known for it's manatees, alligators and a hippo named Lou.

We went on a river boat tour around the park.

And got to get up close and personal with some manatees.

They are were cool to see....such graceful, peaceful sea cows.

Lou, the hippo, did not feel like performing that day, so we just got to look at him.

The park also had a bunch of other wildlife that we got to walk around and see and an education center where Malia got eaten by an alligator.

That evening we found a beach and hung out by the ocean.  Andrew made a friend with a little boy named Ryan, while Kai read and slept in the sand.

Malia thought she needed a photoshoot at the get ready for cuteness

We all loved Homosassa-- I think we would all go back to this part of Florida.

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