Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank God for Nebulizers

Andrew is sick!!!  He has bronchitis, which makes him have coughing fits, which make him gag until he almost throws up.  Poor baby.  The worst part for me, besides seeing my baby sad, is that he is not nursing... he is only drinking from a bottle.  SO I have been doing a lot of pumping, which if you have every pumped before, you know it is not very fun.  

Here he is doing his breathing treatments.

He is so sweet, even when he is sick.  Try to ignore my super greasy hair-- I have a sick baby, there is no time to shower!!

In Kai related news, this weekend he asked to get his Geo track out.  It is a remote control train that he loves.  You can build the track any way you want and it has all kinds of cool accessories. Quickly after getting the track together, we remembered why we put it up.

It takes up the entire playroom floor.  After two nights off getting up in the middle of the night and stepping on tracks and trains, it went back into it's crate in the garage.   Sorry Kai.


Roberts said...

Aw he looks so sad on the breathing machine! I used to have to use one all the time when I was a kid, because of the asthma. I pretended I was a pilot and had fun. Too bad Andrew is too young to pretend he's something cool, too. :(

jancd said...

He is the sweetest baby.

Oh a happier note, Kai's Bible verse last night for AWANAS was "Lord, teach me to pray."

Kai thought it was funny to say, "Lord, teach me to PLAY."

He has the playing part down pretty good, he just needs to work on that praying. Mimi