Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ryan and I went grocery shopping tonight and we had to decide what we were going to give up for lent.  We are not Catholic, but we like the concept of giving something up in the name of the Lord-- so we participate every year.  I usually give up chocolate and Ryan gives up sodas.  One year, we gave up all fried food---- which was particularly challenging since we worked at Bennigans where everything is fried.  This year we have decided to challenge ourselves again.  Ryan is giving up sodas and chips and I am giving up all mexican food- a major weakness for me.  And because we want the other one to be successful, we usually end up giving up their choice as well-- so there will not be any sodas, chips, or mexican food in our house for the next forty days starting Wednesday.   Wish us luck!!


Roberts said...

Whoa no Mexican food would KILL our household! ;) That's definitely a good challenge!

I love the family picture on the right of your screen. Very cute!!

jancd said...

With Ryan's birthday coming up, that will be a challenge! Love the picture, too.

Lindsay said...

We got our pictures taken at Target... I would recommend them for all your picture taking, but professional.