Tuesday, December 9, 2008

throats, bellybuttons and toes, oh my

Ryan had to stay home  from work today to take care of his sick and ailing family.  Kai has come down with strep throat again, Andrew's belly button is infected, and I had my ingrown toenail removed!!  We were a sad group.  

Here a is beautiful pictures of my toe.  It looks bad, but believe me it feels 100% better like this than it did a day ago when it was ingrown and infected.

In other news, I have decided not to go back to work until January 5.  I decided that I was just not ready to go back, plus I did not want Ryan/ my mom to have to take off to watch Andrew, when he and I already have a pretty good schedule going.  And I did not want to start pumping milk on a regular basis... and I just did not want to go back to work.  It might hurt us a little financially, but I think it is really the best for everyone.  

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Roberts said...

I'm glad to see an update - I was just wondering how it's going for y'all. That's crazy that all three of you are ailing! Hope y'all feel better soon. Staying at home is fun...even if it is tight on the budget! :)