Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Yesterday mom and I spent the day making Christmas cookies. I had a few parties and church events to prepare for so I enlisted her help in getting the job done. We tried out some new recipes and were quite please with results. Above is the platter I made for Kai's teachers at school. It has peanut butter cookies, chocolate covered peanut butter cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, date balls, and two types of truffles ( yes... all homemade) We also made some oatmeal cookies and some peanut butter bars called Buckeyes that I will be taking to a party this weekend. (If you are wondering why all the peanut butter-- Ryan accidentally bought a jar of super chunky peanut butter, which Kai or myself will not eat- so I put it to good use in my baking) I had a really good time experimenting with recipes and cooking with mom. I hope we can make this a yearly tradition!!

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Roberts said...

I want your buckeyes recipe! I had some a couple years ago and LOVED them!