Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Take 1

(Check the Web Picture Albums link on the right after Christmas for all the pics)

Okay we made it through our first 5 hour car trip with the 4 of us and everything went awesome.  We logged about 13 hours in the car in a 48 hour span and we lived.  Lindsay did say the word "miserable" only 6 times so it was good.   

We went up to Campbell on Saturday and watched the Cowboys lose.  Sunday (late morning) everyone (Doug's crew, Marla's crew, Wesley's crew, and Grandma) got together for lunch and gifts.

We hung out for a few hours then headed to my old stomping grounds (Wills Point) for Christmas with the Roberts side of the family tree.  As usual, it was a packed house.  I think we had 29 out there.... Anyhoo it was great.   Greg, Maddie, Sam, Dylan, and I started the random pic game ..... (however.... Sam's camera got the best of these pics)...

We went back to Grandma's and crashed....  Monday we hung out until about 4 and headed back to Houston.  

Thanks Kev!!!

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