Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rock you like a Hurricane....

Kai's quote of the week: "Daddy, do you want to be a naked basketball player?"

The storm has passed, the electricity is back on, and we are starting back to work tomorrow.

But the last week and half has been fun. We weathered through the storm at our house as Ike rolled in with 90-100 mph sustained winds. We had hurricane force winds here for hours (it was crazy, scary, and awesome).

Saturday we woke up to no power and a really big back yard. We currently have a swimming pool. I'm sure they'll put up their fence soon, so it won't last.

After 8 hours with no power we decided to leave for Campbell to my grandma's. (No electrictiy make Ryan angry.... Thank you Otto von Guericke, Ben Franklin and Andre Marie Ampere) We hung out there and got to see all the family. We even went to the famous Northeast Texas Children Museum in Commerce. It was a little smaller than the one downtown in Houston, but we still had fun. Lindsay and I discovered that Kai can now spell his name (which he did inside a pyramid in the museum). Tuesday night Marla and I went and played tennis, which was a blast. I haven't played in years so the rust was obvious.

Wednesday... Sarah was born a small but healthy 4lbs 11ozs. She looks just like Ella with her full head of hair.

We bounced back to Campbell Thursday night then headed to Joey and Alex's to watch Joey dance at halftime in their homecoming game. I think Joseph was suppose to be this girl's dad but she looked older than him.

Saturday was Anthony's 1st BDay party which we went to, but by this time we were all exhausted. We decided to leave there and head back home. Kai had a lot of cake at the party and about 40 minutes into the trip he decided to give us a reenactment of a scene from the movie "The Exorcist". Everything that came out of him was blue. Blue hot dog, blue goldfish, etc. It was funny and sad, but after a pit stop, he got to ride home without a car seat. He actually rode in a car like we did growing up (laid out in the back seat).

Thanks Ike for the time we got to spent with all those people.


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