Thursday, September 11, 2008

Riders on the Storm

Well my doctor's appointment went really well. My mom and Kai came along to see the ultrasound. We told the technician that it was my moms first ultrasound and she treated us to a 4-D picture of Andrew. It was really cool to see such details from inside the womb. We both agreed he looked just like Kai. Andrew was opening and closing his hands during the ultrasound and Kai thought he was waving to him. I think Kai finally realizes there is a real baby growing inside my belly.
We were told that Andrew is already about 4 1/2 lbs, which is a little above average for 32 weeks, so I saw that as a good sign that he might come a little early.

Ryan was suppose to have his first cross country meet of the season this Friday, but it was canceled (along with school tomorrow) due to Hurricane Ike. The reporters say that too many people wait until the last minute to prepare for these catastrophic events, and we are no exception. We had water but that was about it. We had to go to three stores today to find batteries for the flashlights which Ryan "borrowed" from school, because we only own one (and I think we only have it because it came in Kai's Lightning McQueen sleeping bag set.) We also stocked up on the necessities like cokes, potato chips, cookies, and M&Ms. I think we are ready for IKE!!!


Roberts said...

I love your necessities. :)

How sweet that Kai thought Andrew was waving to him!

The Barrera's said...

You crack me up with the necessities! ; )