Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nothing much going on.

I love decorating for the holidays. I especially like decorating the mantle. Here is my latest Halloween creation.

This past weekend Ryan, Kai and I ventured out to the Pumpkin Patch for some fall fun. We took our camera hoping to get some cute pictures of Kai, but as soon as we got there the camera died, so we failed to get even one picture. Kai did get to decorate a pumpkin and jump in a bounce house, so the trip was not in vain. We will try again another weekend.

Nothing else has really been going on so I thought I would post some pictures of Andrew's room. Some of our family has been asking about it, so here it is:

We left a bed in the room, because more than likely I will be sleeping in here the first six months of Andrew's life ( if not more)

I copied the idea for this bulletin board from my super creative sister in law, Cassie-- Thanks for the cute idea.

These are pictures Ryan, Kai and I made for Andrew... none of us are very artistic, but we tried.

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Roberts said...

Cute room! That's a cute idea to paint some pics for the wall.