Tuesday, May 6, 2014

God Moments

So my doorbell rang today and when I opened it I saw my twenty year old neighbor standing there frantically thrusting an armful of kittens in my face.  She walked right in, and on the verge of tears, told me how she found them in the street and that her mom is highly allergic and she just didn't know where else to go...

I looked at these three puny kittens with there eyes swollen shut with a gooey infection and  reluctantly said, "take them upstairs to the spare bath tub....lets clean them up and get them some food."

As we cleaned up the cats she told me how she had had a dream about cats last night and something told her to walk down this road she does not normally go down today.  The funny thing is that she is currently in a book study I am doing on the Holy Spirit... so she did not think twice in saying that it was God who warned her about the cats last night and the Holy Spirit that led her right to them today.

Once we got them clean and fed and put some ointment in their eyes, I called a friend that I knew recently had a cat pass away and was wanting another one.  I didn't tell her why I wanted her to come over I just said I had a surprise for her.

When she got to my house and saw the kittens she almost broke down herself.  She instantly wanted all three so we loaded them up in my car and drove her back home.  On the drive home she told me  that when I called her she had been crying.  She was feeling so lonely and isolated, and now she just could not be happier.

God saved those cats and he saved my friend today.

Thank you God for the little moments of heaven you allow me to see here on earth!!

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Emily said...

Awesome story! And I love how you were willing to take 3 kittens into your bathtub.