Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 6- LegoLand

The night after Weeki Wachie we had the pleasure of spending the night with some friends that lived in Orlando.  God knew we were going to be in the care of some good local people that night because it was this night that Andrew decided he could no longer walk.  His foot was swollen and very tender to the touch....he had not done anything to break it but he refused to put any type of pressure on it.  Our friends took us to an urgent care clinic and after two hours and two x rays, it was decided that Andrew had acquired an aquatic infection and given antibiotics should be fine in 12 hours time.

So even though he was not walking yet, the next day we loaded up a stroller and headed to Legoland, in hoped that he would recover when he saw all the exciting things to do.

Unfortunately that did not happen....instead he developed a fever and slept through half of the day....While he did not get to enjoy the rides, he did get to see some awesome 4-D movies, played with legos, and enjoyed looking at all the cool sculptures.

Malia and Kai, on the other hand, had a blast.

Kai loved looking at the Star Wars exhibit and rode every roller coaster two or three times (there were no lines at all-- an amusement park miracle).

Malia had to take a picture by just about every single lego statue we saw.  She loved the rides and did not complain once about not getting to ride in the stroller (another amusement park miracle)

The boys spent most of their souvenir money here. Andrew bought a sword and a Lego set and Kai bought a mace and a lego set.  We played hard all day long and once we got back to our friends house we were all exhausted.  Andrew's foot was still very swollen and he was still running a fever despite the antibiotics.  Then to add to the struggle Ryan had a pleurisy attack in the middle of the night--so we decided to ditch the rest of our plans and drive home the next day.

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