Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break!!

I am a little late in all my blogs (due to general laziness) so I am having to back track just a little.

SPRING BREAK 2014!!!!!

We spent the first night of Spring Break down in our own private little get away at Galveston.  My parents bought a trailer just past Jamaica Beach last year and we have really enjoyed going down there and taking mini vacations. 

 This early in the season we have the whole place to ourselves.  It was too cold to go swimming but the weather was just right for flying kites and building sand castles.

Later in the week we went up to East Texas.  We got to spend one day with all of our friends in Longview and then another two visiting family.

This was the first spring break in a long time that Ryan has not been off with everyone due to work, so it took a little adjusting too.

It was a easy week spent playing games, playing at parks and enjoying the cool (but not quite yet spring time) weather.  

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