Saturday, August 24, 2013


So, we have moved....

We are now living in Longview, TX, a town of 90,000.  The number one question I get asked now that we live here (and I get asked it almost everyday) is "how are you adjusting to the slower pace of life in a small town?"  My Answer:  "Life is only slow if you make it slow."

I am the mother of three amazing kids.

I have a husband that goes a mile a minute.

I own three cats, and one really annoying dog.

We are trying to start up new ministries in our new church.

We are trying to meet people and learn everyone's name.

And I have joined a gym....

I am not a slow pace of life kind of girl and I am not going to let living in a "small town" make feel like I need to be.

So look out Longview.... The Roberts are in town!!

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