Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First World Missionaries

Moving to a new place is scary...especially when you are leaving behind good family, good friends, and a good home.

We moved to Longview, TX as first world missionaries.  In this move we left what was comfortable for the unknown.  We purposely reduced our income and simplified our life.  We are here to be an example of a disciple of Christ to the community around us.

So how did we start.....

First we did a lot of praying and reading and listening.

Then we hit the ground running.  We reached out to our neighbors by baking them all cookies, then inviting them over for dinner and play dates.  We joined a gym and have worked hard to connect with people there.  We talked to the people in the church and have tried to start teaching them the language of discipleship.

We have only been at it three weeks and we are starting to see a softening of the heart in a few.  We have met some "people of peace" and we are engaging with them.  I am starting a small group at our home to go through the TK Primer (a book that really helped us along the way), while Ryan goes through it with the church staff.

These are baby steps, we know, but hopefully they will lead to leaps of faith for us and the community around us.

Please keep us in your prayers.

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Emily said...

SO glad to read how it's been going so far. Sounds like y'all have really started off well. I'm so excited to hear more stories!