Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warrior DASH!!!!!!

Okay so I got to experience my first Warrior Dash today and it was awesome. By awesome I mean, it kicked my butt.

If you wanted to see a detailed map of the obstacles and race click this link

The map doesn't do it justice because there was NOT 100 meters of this 3.2 mile race that wasn't a steep hill or slippery decent. I ran well and helped up a few people along the way.

The hardest part was the river run, which was a 100 yards of ankle deep to chest deep to ankle deep running. The other obstacles were fun and challenging. They including jumping over 6 cars, crossing planks, 15 feet of hay, nets galore, slides of mud, 40 yards of tires, and cactus fields.

The video and pictures are the very end of the run where you jumped over 2 fire pits and went under barbed wire (watch video). After you finish you get a medal, a banana, a beer, and a South American style riot hose down.
I ran in the vibrams, but there is a charity that people donate there shoes to after the race. The shoes get cleaned up and shipped over seas to kids without access or money for shoes.

We (Lindsay and I) are doing another Warrior Dash in Conroe in March. Hopefully you are motivated to look into it and join us.

By the way, we have a warrior in training......

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Engineering Goddess said...

That looked like a lot of fun - I think every fitness gym should have something like this LOL.