Saturday, November 20, 2010

Skillet and Toby Mac

Last night Ryan and I went to the Toby Mac/ Skillet concert, accompanied by some of the finest youth around-- and a few brave parents.

Ryan thought it would be wise to get them all hopped up on Monster Energy drinks before the show and craziness soon ensued.

During intermission cotton candy replenished the sugar high-- and no they could not just eat it, they had to play with it too. And yes, Ryan did eat the cotton candy after it came out of his nose and ears!!

After the show, they somehow still had energy, and felt the need to show off all of their break dancing moves outside the Berry Center.

All the late night dancing paid off though, because we hung around long enough for ShonLock to walk out and sign some autographs for the guys!!

It was an awesome night and I hoped that everyone had a memorable time!! We love those kids!!

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Emily said...

You can tell Ryan is such a fun youth pastor! And you barely even look pregnant!