Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Carving 2010

We have a yearly tradition of getting together with friends to carve pumpkins. Every year goes about the same. Ryan picks an extremely hard design to carve, the kids are interested for about 5 minutes then retreat to the playroom, and my friend Karey takes an absurdly long time to finish carving her pumpkin. (She is a Jack-o-lantern perfectionist, but we love her anyways).

Here are both of my boys gouging the pumpkin with carving tools-- which is a little scary to think about. Kai was actually old enough to help carve this year!! We worked on our pumpkin together and he did a great job.

Sorry the picture is a little blurry. Thomas the Train was by Karey. Celeste and Thomas created the skull and crossbones. Ryan made the cat in the window scene and Kai and I made the bat flying in front of the moon.

All of the boys loved the finish products. They ohhed and ahhed at all of their parent's hard work!!

It was a really fun night and before everyone left, we were already making plans for next year.

We are going to attempt to do it at someones else's house next year-- I don't think our play room can take another night like tonight!

I swear it was clean when everyone came over.


Mimi said...

It should be really fun with three kids of your own next year. Maybe we should just keep the kids and let you and Ryan have a carving party. Those jack-o-lanterns looks great!!

Ryan, Lindsay, Kai, Andrew, Cali, and Hobbs said...

Next year the kids will outnumber the adults!!

Emily said...

They turned out really good! I feel like I say some version of your last sentence to myself everyday... "Didn't I just clean this room...?"