Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween was non stop action!! We started off with church, then had a youth dodge ball tournament, ran home for dinner, then a night full of Trick-or-Treating with the boys.

This year we had Mario and Luigi!!

I did not have many options in my advanced state of pregnancy, so I settled on an soldier-- the camouflage disguised my belly very nicely. And Ryan, as always, was a cow!!

Andrew hung with all the big kids for about a block saying "Trick or Treat" in the sweetest little voice... then he quickly puttered out and had to be carried the rest of the way.

He somehow managed to regain all of his energy once we got back home and the candy was dumped out!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Mimi said...

It was a fun night. The boys looked so cute.

Emily said...

Y'all looked cute! Look at your cute preggo self. :) So Ryan is always a cow...?

Ryan, Lindsay, Kai, Andrew, Cali, and Hobbs said...

Ryan has been a cow for the past 4 year in a row. I am not sure if it is a procrastination thing or a stubbornness thing... it just is what it is, and it is a cow!