Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements

Now that we know we are having a girl, this pregnancy seems real, and is moving along very fast. The baby will be born right after Andrew turns 2, which is also the time of potty training and pacifier weaning and a million other things. So, I decided that with all the changes coming, Andrew and Kai needed to start getting adjusted to sharing a room.

Night one did not go so well. We waited until Andrew was asleep and then put him in bed with Kai. Around 3:00am they both came sleepily into my bed.

Night two went a lot better. Andrew fell asleep and again we moved him into Kai's bed. This time he woke up around midnight and just yelled out to me. I came in and got him back to sleep and he slept all the way until 6am., at which time he came running out of the room all excited because he discovered the Lightning McQueen night light I turned on in the hall the night before.

We will see how tonight goes!!

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Emily said...

My girls still take forever to fall asleep at night - they laugh, chatter, yell, and cry for about 45 minutes! I chalk it up to memories being made. :)