Monday, August 16, 2010

Destin, Florida

Our family was in desperate need of a vacation after surviving our first summer of Ryan as a youth minister. So, we packed up the mini van and headed down to Destin, Florida for 4 days. It was breathtaking.

The beaches were amazing. This is the view from the outside of our condo. All we had to do was cross a street and instant beach fun. Kudos to Ryan for finding such a great place to stay!!

We spent most of the time just relaxing on the beach. Here is Ryan giving me his best model pose!

Kai "learned" how to boogie board, and spent most of of his time in the water.

Andrew and I ventured out some, but mostly stuck to building sandcastles and playing in the floats.

When we weren't out at the beach, we were shopping, playing, and enjoying delicious food.

We went to a gelato shop every night after dinner, and every night Andrew would wear his cone as a hat!!

We played miniature golf, rode bumper cars, go-karts and trains at a little amusement park.

(Ryan really looks like he is enjoying that train ride!!)

And did I mention we spent a lot of time at the beach??


jancd said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. The pictures are great. Mimi and Papa may have to come next summer!!

Emily said...

That looks like so much fun. James and I have talked about doing a Destin vacation...I'll have to show him your blog.