Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Play ball!!

Kai started T-ball this year. He is in a 4 and 5 year old league that seems to have no rules other than everyone gets to bat, and everyone get to score.

His team is the Astros, and miraculously they have won every game they have played this year... something we can't quite say for the real Astros.

Here he is up at bat.

Look at the concentration on this face.

This week he found a bug on second base... he had to carry it over to the third base coach for a little show and tell.

He had a lot of action out in the field. He played short short stop (no that is not a typo-- I meant to write short twice) His position was a little in front of and to the right of the pitchers mound. They don't hit it very far at age 4!

So if you are not doing anything Saturday morning... come on out and see a game. It is guaranteed fun.


Emily said...

That is so cute that he had to show the bug off. My mom is always talking about how it is the best free entertainment in town to watch a t ball game.

jancd said...

You forgot to mention Kia also found some type of toy car out in the field, too. It was quite fun to watch.

Ryan, Lindsay, Kai, Andrew, Cali, and Hobbs said...

Ryan told me that he diidn't find it, it was just in his pocket from earlier that day. I guess it fell out while he was running and he picked it back up.