Monday, May 5, 2008

Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand

We got a new camera today, so hopefully we'll post more pictures.

Let's see. This weekend Lindsay and I decide to revamp our computer room. We went to Target, Ikea, and some furniture store about 45 miles away. We had our first successful roof-tie-down experience from that store. We've decided to make that room into a beach/surf/whatever room and we made a large stride so far. I love working on the house sometimes. We do plan to fix up the extra bedroom this summer for #2. I hope it is a boy for decoration sake.

Saturday after shopping Scott (lindz's bro) asked us to go to Splashtown for free for about an hour. The water was freezing and Kai's teeth chattered the entire time, but he loved it. Scott recently landed a job there and is loving it so far, which makes us happy. BONUS, however, is that he can hook us up with an incredible deal for the summer.

I've decided to go with Doug this summer to U.M. Army. I think that's exciting because we don't really hang out anymore and I think we'll have a lot of fun.

Hmmmm.... you know we are crazy busy all the time and I feel like we are having fun all the time, but when you write it down sometimes.... it seems boring. Oh well.

Lindsay is in week 15 and feeling fine. (blessing)

Kai is doing great. He's always wanting to do stuff his way and he is having some "moments" when he doesn't. He is 2 going on 3.

and I'm just happy last week is over with because TAKS creates a lot of tension in a school.

Peace, Love, and Soul,


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