Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break

This Spring Break Rocked....While is rained all week in Houston, We enjoyed sunshine and snow in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

We went skiing for the first time as a family at Apache Ski Resort.  On the mountain the weather was cold and snowy.  The first day, we actually got to experience thunder snow, which closed the mountain for a little bit, but is supposedly super rare and brought with it huge snowflakes that looked like dip 'n' dots.  The second day it was sunny and beautiful, and by this time the kids were pros.  They flew down the green (and even a few blue) slopes with ease as Ryan and I raced behind.

On our way back to Midland, we stopped by Roswell, NM to do a little alien search and eat some delicious mexican food.

Back in Midland, we visited the The Museum of the Southwest.  

The kids and I spent over 5 hours exploring the different sections of the museum, but our favorite by far was a room filed with nothing but cardboard boxes, scissors, markers, and tape.  The kids were allowed to create, construct, and let their imaginations run wild.  

They loved it.

After a long ride back to Houston, Malia and I went to see the new Cinderella movie with Emma while the boys spent some quality computer time with Coleman at Mimi and Pawpaw's house.  The next day we hit up a park with Mimi, Emma and Coleman and discovered the joy of Geocaching.

It was a packed break, but did not feel exhausting. It was just the getaway we needed.

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