Monday, November 11, 2013

Andrew's B-Day

We celebrated Andrew's 5th birthday this weekend at a park by our house.

We had lots of friends and family there.  Sydney, the little girl above, is Andrew's best friend in his preschool class.  

We had a coloring table.

We had a menu of Andrew's favorites (Chettos, chips and salsa, and bagel bites)

His cake was a lemon bundt cake-- because he does not like icing.

Andrew got lots of cool toys.  

The hot gift this year was anything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We attempted to play a few games.  They were hilarious.  The first one was the classic sit on a balloon to make it pop relay race.

But none of the kids weighed enough...

So we ended up having to help.... here is Andrew and Uncle Doug helping Sarah pop her balloon.

Then we moved onto the pinata... another failure.

None of the kids could hit it hard enough.

After about three rounds we finally gave up and just tore it opened.

The kids were excited anyways.

There were lots of laughs and plenty of fun.  

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!!

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