Friday, June 7, 2013

My summer plans

100 summer activites

Phineas and Ferb Marathon
Build the Roller Coaster
Build a volcano
go to the beach
go to Seaworld
go to Seaworld again
sleep outside
see the Alamo
Take picture with Sam Houston
go to Brazos Bend
Science Museum
Childrens Museum
paint canvases
bury someone in the sand
ride the ferry
watch airplanes land
go fishing
Space Center
build a fort
treasure hunt
bake cookies for neighbors
throw a block party
go to ten different parks
go hiking
go kayaking
build a dog house
go to the movies
go to the drive in
play disc golf
play putt-putt golf
have cousins spend the night
go on a picnic
play tennis
go on a bug hunt
feed the ducks
shoot slingshots
go skating
Bluebell factory
Astros game
have the kids cook dinner
tell ghost stories by the fire
swim in 10 different pools
go to Lake Conroe
have a friend sleep over
do a 500+ piece puzzle
family board game night
have a just dance party
Miller Outdoor Theater
go out for ice cream
play on a slip and slide
have a real tea party
make homemade dog treat
take family pictures in Old Town Springs
teach Andrew to ride his bike
have a garage sale
go horseback riding
go on a date night/ spend the night with mimi and papaw
finish Harry Potter series
have a Harry Potter movie marathon
brew our own beer
home improvement day
feed the homeless
run a 5K
play hide and go seek
play glow sticks game in the dark
go on a roller coaster
invite someone new over for dinner
Go to Emma/Colemans
Go to Ella/Sarahs
Go see Granddaddy + nachos
have a craft day
go to a farmers market
Bouncing bears
Jumping Jaks
Safari Stop- Woodlands UMC Mon- Fri (12:00-8:00)
eat at shipleys for breakfast
take Theo to a dog park
play a neighborhood game of kickball at the park.
build a fort
build a sand castle
see fireworks
go on a walk with flash lights
make coke floats
go on an alphabet scavenger hunt
spend a day in bed reading
have a home spa day
see a comedian/ magic show
Discovery Green
make homemade pizzas
play with shaving cream
play catch with the kids
do 5 pinterest activities/ crafts/ meals
make silly home videos
have kids wash the car
go see live music

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