Sunday, May 26, 2013

Malia's Big Girl Room

Malia is two and a half.  She loves Dora the Explorer, princesses and baby dolls.  She is rough and tough and can hang with her big brothers, but also loves to sit patiently while I paint her toenails.

One of our good friends gave us a bed for Malia.  Malia did not want it. She loved her baby bed (even though she never slept in it).  So in an attempt to win her over to the new bed, I decided to make it truly hers, using some new found loves of mine-- duct tape and spray paint!

I love the way it turned out!! It is bright and bold and fun.  Malia thinks it is pretty cool too, which I guess it what really matters.  Hopefully, Malia will take to her new bed, and mine will be child free for the first time in 8 years!!

Here is a close up of the bed.  Who knew duct tape could be so cool!


Bobbie said...

great idea! If Malia doesn't want it then I'll take it ;)

Emily said...

Lindsay! That looks awesome! I saw a designer do stripes on HGTV recently and I thought it looked cheap. But yours looks AMAZING and you even did those little flower thingies?! I'm so impressed!!